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About Us

MPT Rentals, Inc. is a full service provider of traffic safety throughout the New York Tri-State Area. "Being a provider means being on call 24/7 365 days a year, putting the client and his/her needs first and foremost before any sale." - Mark Carucci


    MPT Rentals is a full-service provider of traffic control and highway safety products since 2009.  Mark Carucci, President and founder of the company has been providing traffic control services for the past 20 years throughout the north east.  MPT Rentals success has been to never deny a client requesting work, no matter what the cost and because of MPT Rentals logistical ability to provide service within a 2-hour window, we live up to that reputation.  The business of providing traffic control in high volume throughout the entire state of New Jersey, requires dedication day and night to providing that service.

Logistically, MPT Rentals has nine locations throughout the state of New Jersey in order to respond to emergency requests within a 2-hour window as well as over 175 traffic control coordinators and flagmen to handle over 40 schedule crews per day.  MPT Rentals has 2 main administration offices handling the back-office demand as well has fifteen managers and supervisors maintaining productivity of all those crews scheduled each day.  MPT Rentals manufactures their own highway safety products such as highway safety signs, cones, breakaways and fabricates their own traffic control attenuator trucks.  From 24 hour on call personnel, two vehicle maintenance facilities, and a perfect OSHA rating, MPT Rentals is the only company who can handle challenging demands on a consistent basis from our clients.

    MPT Rentals vision is to be the only credible source for providing traffic control solutions maintaining traffic control as its only form of business.  This ensures the dedication to be the best of what we do, providing excellent service, so that our clients can do what they do best, leaving the “Maintenance and Protection of Traffic” to the professionals, MPT Rentals, Inc.